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Clinical and Forensic Psychologists

NW Family Psychology – PREMIER specializes in forensic-based psychology services for families in transition. We are located in beautiful downtown neighbourhoods in Bellevue and Seattle Washington, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah. Our provider team at PREMIER primarily serves clients experiencing:

  • High conflict divorce and custody disputes
  • Personal injuries (motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, school/workplace injuries, toxin exposures, wrongful death, etc.)
  • Parent-child ruptures that could benefit from reunification (outpatient or at our Yellowstone Retreat Center)


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Healing Your Kids

Child Custody Evaluations

We offer complex psychological evaluations that help the parties and the court better understand parenting strengths and challenges, the overall parent-child bond, and psychiatric stability that are paramount for crafting a parenting plan (or modification) in the best interest of that child or children. Contact us if you are looking for services related to forensic psychology child custody services. These activities are complex and multifaceted and involve several steps that include:

  • diagnostic intake
  • psychological testing
  • analysis
  • record review
  • collateral interviews with parents and family members
  • parent child observations
  • best interest recommendations regarding parenting time,
  • decision making, and
  • conflict resolution
Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

We offer independent medical examinations (IME) for personal injuries (e.g., motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, school/workplace injuries, toxin exposures, wrongful death, etc.), which involve multiple interview and testing days, analysis, medical document review, collateral interviews, expert consultations, and report writing.

Healing Your Kids

Healing Your Kids

Reunification Therapy
In our reunification therapy services, the forensic reunification therapist will assist the child(ren) with the treatment goal of establishing, maintaining, and developing the best potential relationship with both parents, despite the ensuing parent-child ruptures. We offer our services for forensic psychology reunification in Bellevue and Seattle, WA, as well as Salt lake city, and Utah.