Our Team

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Steve Tutty

MA, Ph.D.

Steve Tutty, Ph.D., is a clinical and forensic evaluator at NWFP – Premier. Dr. Tutty is a licensed clinical psychologist with particular expertise in evaluating/treating youth and adults over the past 25 years, such as family (custody, relocation) and tort (personal injury) matters.


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Nuri Kahn,


Nuri Kahn, DBH, LMFT, MHP, is the clinical director of NWFP – Premier. Dr. Kahn provides evidence-based psychotherapy (reunification) to families in transition and at crossroads with the court system, such as following separation, divorce, and relocation.

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Glyn Deputy


Glyn Deputy, M.Ed, LMHC, brings a keen awareness of both the necessities and subtleties of surviving our human condition and reaching one’s full potential, particularly when clients are experiencing significant life transitions and clinical experience spanning the past 20 years.


Expertise in Forensic-Based Psychology for Families

Our team at Premier works with attorneys and the legal system for people who are at crossroads with the law. We are a group that incorporates the AFCC evidence-based standards in our interviews, testing, and reports. Our providers all have expert level training and experience for these services.

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