Comprehensive Educational/Neuropsycholgoical Evaluations

Comprehensive Educational/Neuropsycholgoical Evaluations

Comprehensive Educational/ Neuropsycholgoical Evaluations

NWFP-Premier providers also conduct comprehensive educational and neuropsychological evaluations. These services are often geared toward private schools and universities that request a level of in-depth testing across cognitive, achievement, neurological, and socio-emotional functioning for their students.

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Some of the core areas that these evaluations address are:

  1. Gifted intellectual abilities
  2. Learning disabilities
  3. Dyslexia
  4. Executive functioning
  5. Complex mood conditions
  6. Autism spectrum conditions

In this capacity, a retainer is collected and the student completes a battery of tests with our providers over a one-to-two-day period, followed by collateral input from teachers and parents. A feedback appointment is then scheduled to review the results and tailor evidence-based recommendations to both strengths and deficits detected. Both Dr. Kane and Dr. Tutty are accepting new referrals for this service.

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