Independent Medical Examinations

Independent Medical Examinations

What is an Independent medical examination?

An independent medical review is performed by a medical professional with no involvement history in the treatment of that patient. It evaluates the patient’s course of current condition and prior treatment. The doctors who conduct Independent Medical examinations are licensed healthcare professionals and psychologists in essential medical disciplines.

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An Independent medical examination is done to ensure the person is eligible for disability benefits or compensation. An IME provider is a doctor or any health professional. 

A person might have to undergo an independent medical examination only when:

  • A doctor will order such evaluation as part of litigation.
  • A self-insured insurer or employer requests an evaluation when they disagree with the person's doctor's treatment recommendations and diagnosis. 
  • The attorney guides an evaluation as part of litigation.

An examiner may review the person's previous medical records during the evaluation process. It includes:

  • Examining the person seeking benefits. This examination may include laboratory tests, psychological testing, and physical examinations. 
  • Collecting information about the background of that person and history. For instance, if a person has PTSD, what factors might have contributed to the development of PTSD. 
  • Conducting interviews with the third parties involved in the person's injury, trauma, and physical or mental health.
  • Comparing the current injury report with the previous one. 


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