Personal Injury Evaluation

Personal Injury Evaluation

Personal Injury (IME) Evaluation Services for Children and Adults

Personal injury evaluations are completed for children and adults who have experienced an injury (e.g., motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, school/workplace injuries, toxin exposures, wrongful death, etc.) to help determine the loss and damages following the injury. We provide personal injury evaluations in Bellevue and Seattle, WA, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Personal injury evaluations typically involve a multi-stage process for assisting the court in determining what compensation would return the plaintiff to the equivalent of their condition before the claimed harmful event.

In particular, specific domains are often utilized in personal injury evaluations:

  • Plaintiff’s functioning before the event
  • The severity of distress likely to be engendered by the event
  • Areas of resiliency and impairment in the plaintiff’s functioning after an event(s)
  • Likely causes of the plaintiff’s psychological functioning
  • Plaintiff’s likely future status and need for care to ameliorate impairments caused by the defendant

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The methodology for conducting personal injury evaluations (IME) entails multiple contacts between the evaluator and the plaintiff. Evaluators relying on only one contact with the plaintiff can significantly limit their ability to accurately opine on the plaintiff’s neuropsychological strengths and deficits, the nexus between their pathology and past harmful events in question, and the overall prognosis returning the plaintiff to their premorbid state.

Our clinical and forensic evaluators attempt to remain as neutral as possible during the IME process. This helps reduce confirmation bias and allows rival or competing hypotheses to be considered before the final analysis is rendered.


Personal injury evaluators are often prone to confirmation bias, whereby the evaluator may inadvertently generate biased hypotheses when conducting record reviews before the initial contact with the plaintiff. Consequently, evaluators may inadvertently select specific data points to confirm their preexisting beliefs about the plaintiff while minimizing other information that may be more pertinent to understanding the etiology of the plaintiff’s pathology. At Premier, we strive to remain as unbiased or neutral as possible to provide both parties (plaintiff and defense) with an outcome based on the preponderance of the data, consistent with APA model standards for conducting personal injury evaluations.


Our clinical and forensic evaluators often go the extra mile for your personal injury evaluation in Bellevue and Seattle, Washington, as well as in Salt Lake City, Utah by providing the plaintiff with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes gold-standard treatments and programs to consider their journey to recovery. While these treatments can be time-consuming and expensive, we have found that they are instrumental in helping return the plaintiff as close as possible to their pre-injury status.