Personal Injury Evaluation


Personal Injury (IME) Evaluation Services for Children and Adults

We conduct personal injury evaluations for both children and adults who have suffered injuries, such as those from motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, school or workplace incidents, toxin exposures, and wrongful death. These evaluations aid in assessing the extent of loss and damages resulting from the injury. Our services are available in Bellevue and Seattle, WA, as well as Salt Lake City, Utah.

Family consulting with healthcare professional in clinic.

Personal Injury Evaluation Process & More

Personal injury evaluations are critical assessments conducted to evaluate the extent of physical, psychological, and emotional damages suffered by individuals as a result of accidents or incidents such as motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and more.

How It Works

Personal injury evaluations typically involve a multi-stage process for assisting the court in determining what compensation would return the plaintiff to the equivalent of their condition before the claimed harmful event.

Evaluation Criteria

Personal injury evaluations comprehensively assess specific domains, including the plaintiff’s functioning before and after the event, anticipated distress severity, causes of psychological functioning, and future care needs. For services in Salt Lake City, UT, contact NWFP.


Conducting personal injury evaluations (IME) requires multiple contacts between the evaluator and the plaintiff. Relying on a single contact can limit the evaluator’s ability to accurately assess neuropsychological strengths and deficits, establish the pathology’s connection to past events, and predict the plaintiff’s prognosis for returning to their premorbid state.

Our Approach

Our clinical and forensic evaluators attempt to remain as neutral as possible during the IME process. This helps reduce confirmation bias and allows rival or competing hypotheses to be considered before the final analysis is rendered.

Unbiased Evaluation Process

Personal injury evaluators may exhibit confirmation bias, potentially leading to biased hypotheses formed during record reviews before contacting the plaintiff. At Premier, we prioritize neutrality to ensure outcomes align with the data, adhering to APA model standards for personal injury evaluations.

Evidence-Based Treatment Plans

Our clinical and forensic evaluators in Bellevue, Seattle, WA, and Salt Lake City, UT, offer comprehensive treatment plans, including gold-standard treatments, to aid in the plaintiff’s recovery journey. These treatments, though time-consuming and costly, play a vital role in restoring the plaintiff to their pre-injury status.

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