The Retreat

The Retreat

There are times when families in transition participating in outpatient reunification services need a more in-depth and extended therapeutic experience, given the deep ruptures that have taken place between the child(ren) and rejected parent.

The Retreat offers a serene setting outside Yellowstone Park to mend these ruptures and capture, as best as we can, what was lost prior to the life transition, whether it be separation, divorce, relocation, blended family dynamics, resist/refuse behaviors, life-changing injuries, complex mental health disorders, drug addiction, and so on.

If your counsel is recommending this service, our team will first determine your family dynamics and the retainer required. Typically five days are needed for this intensive reunification service.

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In addition to the in-depth individual and family assessment and therapy provided by our team, The Retreat also involves experiential activities in the wild (e.g., hiking, rafting, horseback riding, etc.), given our proximity to Yellowstone.

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At NW Family Psychology – Premier, we are committed to providing unbiased evaluations with compassion, given the trauma and loss you and your loved ones may have experienced. Our clinical and forensic psychologists have been trained and rely on evidence-based methods. We examine a variety of criteria, including the possibility of future care and treatment services.

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